September 3, 2016

Keith Knutsson on Sweden’s Real Estate Market

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Stockholm Scene Keith Knutsson

Looking to diversify your investment portfolio? Want to get more financial security through international real estate investments? Investing in foreign real estate markets offer investors potential benefits.

Benefits of International Real Estate Investing

Investing in property overseas has many benefits. U.S. News and World Report lists 12 benefits of owning international property. These reasons include:

  • Own a second home in the sun.
  • Retire abroad for pennies on the dollar.
  • Enjoy a rich cultural experience.
  • Achieve true investment diversity.
  • Benefit from currency diversity.
  • Earn an income abroad.
  • Deduct travel costs from your taxes.
  • Enjoy the security of a hard asset.
  • Profit from the world’s agriculture boom.
  • Store your wealth privately.
  • Take advantage of international asset protection.
  • Open the door to foreign residency.

The opportunity to get additional financial security and experience a different culture makes foreign investment a wise decision.

Before you just jumping into any market, careful research must be done. After all, you are risking some of your hard-earned money. If you have any questions about foreign real estate investing, Integrale Advisors can help. We have many years of experience and would love to help you attain your investment goals. Markets constantly change. There are also many fads that come and go. It is not always wise to invest where everyone else is. Our advisors are experts in the foreign investment field and have extensive insight into every market.

The Swedish Real Estate Market

If you want to invest in foreign real estate, where should you look? According to Keith Knutsson, a strong and up-and-coming investment can be had in Sweden’s real estate market. According to the 2015 Swedish Property Barometer by Price Waterhouse Cooper, three positive results appeared to support the opinion that the Swedish real estate market is a great investment. These include:

  • 6 out of 10 companies expect rental income to increase
  • 54% of companies are planning to recruit
  • 83% prices in Swedish real estate market will increase

Why are these good news? Keith Knutsson sees these numbers as a positive sign for foreign investors because they show that real estate in Sweden is at a premium, hence the rising prices. More Swedish investing and real estate companies are hiring agents, indicating an active real estate market and greater need for agents.

It was noticed in the  Global Property Guide, that last year the Swedish economy grew by 4.5%, which is caused by lowering unemployment rates, low interest rates and a rising price index. In fact, the same article mentioned that the “nationwide house price index surged 10.64% over last year.” The shortage in supply of housing and low interest rates are the big factors contributing to the high house pricing.

According to World Property Journal, Sweden’s capitol city of Stockholm came in at number 9 on its list of the top 10 Global Commercial Markets for Investment. Six other European markets made the list. The commonality among the top European markets that make them appealing for investors are their liquidity and healthy economies. Stockholm’s booming tech industry also contributed to its high ranking.

Integrale Advisors has been providing real estate investing consultation to both corporations and private investors for many years. We have an extensive client base stretching across the globe. We are knowledgeable about International investments . If you’re serious about increasing your investments, come talk to us today.


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