February 21, 2014

Working in Peace

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:18 am by Keith Knutsson

It seems that CEOs and high ranking business executives do not only use their second or sometimes third homes strictly as get-aways from their stressful jobs, they also use them to generate business ideas in a tranquil environment. I sometimes feel that I can get my best work done when I don’t have the stresses of my every-day life breathing down my neck, and so apparently does Martin Puris, former chief executive of ad giant Ammirati Puris Lintas who owns a mansion in the Hamptons. “When I’m here, work doesn’t feel like work” (WSJ, Homes That Invite Shop Talk) he says. He uses it as a place to sit quietly and generate ideas, or sometimes hold business meetings. Mr. Frampton, executive chairman of East West Partners is another whom carries out similar methods to Mr. Puris, but in a beautiful custom built home in Hawaii. He stated; “Coming to a place like Hawaii allowed me to not be overwhelmed by the problems” (WSJ, Homes That Invite Shop Talk). These men whom are obviously very successful business men attribute a lot of their originality and out-of-the-box thinking to the time they spend alone in their happy places. But what do you do it you don’t have a mega mansion to go to? Go outdoors and take a walk, fresh air is one of the best ways I’ve found for clear thinking and a positive attitude.

By Keith Knutsson


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