February 21, 2014

The Fijian Upswing

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:09 pm by Keith Knutsson

Fiji’s blue waters, white sand beaches, amazing dive sites, and calming sea breezes are  just a snippet of the wonders this amazing island group has to offer. Since the economic recovery Fiji is back on the upswing and its been selling lots to eager vacationers on several of its 300 islands. “We’re seeing a real upswing,” (WSJ, Buying a Vacation Home in Fiji) said David Miller, director of Taveuni Development. In January his company sold a record 12 lots calling for 35,000-$475,000. In 2012 660,000 people visited the country, a 20% increase from 2006, most of them coming from the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. Fijians boast that their large amount of visitors is due to their reputation as being friendly people. The people have been known to invite tourists to stay at their houses when needed and don’t hesitate to teach them all the ins and outs of the Fijian culture. “Fiji is like what the Bahamas was maybe 20 years ago,” said Traviss Orr, head of sales for Naisoso Island (WSJ, Buying a Vacation Home in Fiji). Fiji does have that prehistoric feel with its jungles going right up to its pristine waters. Fiji offers beachfront property for a mere $1 million per acre, just a fraction of what it would be in the overpopulated Hawaiian Islands. A vacation home is a luxury most people can’t afford, but if possible Fiji would be a wise investment.

By Keith Knutsson


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