February 21, 2014

Homes Versus Wildfires

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:16 pm by Keith Knutsson

Due to changing climate, more severe droughts, and rising population, 12 of California’s 20 deadliest wildfires on record have been caused in the last 11 years. “I lost everything,” says Sara Matta who’s 3,000 square foot wood framed north San Diego house was destroyed in the Witch Fire of 2007. This fire alone destroyed 1,650 structures which was nothing to the Black Forest Fire of 2011 in Colorado which destroyed 7,800 homes (WSJ, Houses Built to Fight Fires). After each of these fires thousands were either forced to relocate or rebuild, those who choose to rebuild are doing so with the latest technologies to resist these fires. These incredible houses are constructed mostly from concrete, steel, and dual paneled tempered glass. Keoni Rosa, an architect who has been designing these fire resistant houses said this about one of her latest creations: “It’s like a freeway underpass, with all the rebar and the steel,” (WSJ, Houses Built to Fight Fires). These houses which are meant to last hundreds of years have captures the attention of many of the Southern Californian residents who don’t wish to relocate, despite the imminent danger. With continually warming climates and rising populations the conditions are only going to get worse, so if you’re planning on moving to a wild fire area, make sure your house is ready. 


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