February 13, 2014

Methods for Success

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As a management student at Eckerd College it is good to get an insiders look at what the business world is like outside of the college bubble. I interviewed real estate investor and adviser Keith Knutsson from Integrale Advisors on how he maintains balance in his life while achieving success in his professional career. What follows are excerpts from my recent interview with Keith Knutsson.

Keith Knutsson a real estate man with a knack for landing very profitable deals has attributed his success to a few things. Those things are: the management of his emotions, staying positive in foreboding situations, doing things he loves, and staying active.

Though Keith’s work is quite stressful at times he manages to stay positive and task-ready. Although this is partly due to his overall positive attitude, Keith has a few ways he calms himself and stays upbeat and productive. He often will take a few deep breaths to clear his head, or think to the things that make him most happy in life. Among these are his hobbies. Keith enjoys the outdoors. Winter sports including dog sledding and snowmobiling in his home-country of Sweden. Staying active and eating right are also key to clear thinking and a bright vivacious attitude towards your work. He also stated that that there is no substitute to a good night’s sleep. Overall Keith attributes his success to a life of balance.


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