February 13, 2014


Posted in Uncategorized at 1:52 am by Keith Knutsson

Advice is something I’ve always been willing to receive and to give when asked. Just one good piece of advice can be a life changing moment. In a Wall Street Journal titled: A Word of Advice…on Advice, Joe Queenan states; “The U.S. is addicted to advice. Americans honestly believe that someone out there knows how to fix all our problems. Maybe Oprah. Maybe Dr. Phil. Maybe Barak Obama. Maybe Ayn Rand. Newspapers, magazines and television are filled with advice about health, finances, raising children, dieting. Don’t smoke. Don’t text on I-95. Don’t allow your teenage son Vlad to disappear into his bedroom for the next decade. Exercise 30 minutes a day. Never buy stocks from men wearing ostrich-skin shoes. Why, then, are so many of us miserable, bankrupt, overweight chain smokers with horrible, illiterate kids? The advice was out there.” It is true that we all know what is good for us and what isn’t, so is advice really relevant? I think yes, because having someone els telling you not to do something, reenforce your already half made thoughts is sometimes all it takes to get the strength and courage to step to the plate and make the move you want to make. When people keep things to themselves they often form bad habits like chain-smoking and bad dieting, but why is this? If someone enjoys something no matter how bad, they will find a justification for what they are doing, and with no one there to guide them this habit is likely to continue.

By Keith Knutsson


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