February 12, 2014

My Take on ‘Smart Homes’

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 8:34 pm by Keith Knutsson

Technologies in ones household are great and very handy things as long as the owner knows what he/she is doing and getting themselves into. Security systems are very useful inventions that really help owners relax while they’re away from the homes. These security systems are some of the most widely used household technologies because of their effectiveness and simplicity. Typing a 4-digit code into a panel can hardly be called overwhelming, but having a palm scanner, or a facial/voice recognition entry requirement are another matter. These technologies although seem cool can sometimes cause a lot of complications. For example, how would you let someone into your house while you were out of town? Difficulties have arisen in owners who tey to make their houses a little too high-tech. A Forbes article written about ‘Smart’ homes states: “An entertainment exec I know set up an elaborate home security system—then used it to accidentally lock himself in his basement music studio. He spent more than seven hours banging on the window trying to get the attention of his guards, but gardeners mowing the lawn muffled his distress calls. Eventually his wife returned home to find him.” These technologies are very useful! But they can be irritating or possible dangerous in the right conditions. Before making the move to turn your house into a “Smart’ home, make sure you really have a handle on the flaws the technology may present. 


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