December 8, 2011

Interview with Keith Knutsson, Managing Director of Integrale Advisors

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An investment expert with nearly two decades of experience, Keith Knutsson serves as the Managing Director for Integrale Advisors. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Inner City Fund and Ronald’s Burger Burger, Inc. We spoke with Knutsson to learn more about his current role and professional experience. Before entering the professional sphere, where did you study? I initially attended Emory University, where I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. I went on to receive an MBA  with a focus in Marketing, Management, and Finance at Columbia University. Can you describe some of the jobs you have had?

I have worked extensively throughout the world. I have also been involved with various off-market transactions and land acquisitions, as well as distressed asset analysis. My work with Dollar Rent A Car and Sodipierre Finance in France have provided me with a wealth of useful knowledge and experience.

I understand you are asked to lecture quite frequently. On what topics are you considered an “expert”?

While I only “loosely” identify myself with that term, I speak on topics regarding business development, entrepreneurship, and international business, as my career history has been largely focused on these areas.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I still have a passion for travel; something that my professional experience sparked long ago. For this reason, I was motivated to learn other languages, including Spanish, French, Swedish, and German. I also enjoy swimming and learning all I can about architecture.


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