October 23, 2011

Tips for Investing in Undervalued Property

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By Keith Knutsson Undervalued asset investment stands out as a lucrative and viable strategy for gaining maximum return on outlay. In order to do so correctly, one must take into consideration various important factors. Featured below are several tips for investing in undervalued properties with success. – Look for property in areas that are currently undesirable or are evolving. For this you must be willing to look past the negatives of certain locations, and take on a perspective of opportunity and possible growth. Suburbs present great possibilities in this sense because they can change quickly and evolve favorably. – A highly motivated seller is a great indication of an undervalued property; these homeowners are often willing to negotiate and drop property pricing. – Properties that need renovation or improvement also present great investment opportunities because they stand out as undesirable to the majority of buyers. – Short sales and foreclosed properties can prove to be a great find. Work with a real estate professional to identify homes that have been recently listed. About the Author: A specialist in investing in undervalued property, Keith Knutsson leads Integrale Advisors through strategic investments, providing major earnings for a wide range of clients. With extensive experience in both American and European real estate markets, Knutsson retains a unique perspective concerning this distinctive investment strategy. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and speaks fluent French and conversational Spanish, German, and Swedish.


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