October 23, 2011

Adopting the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

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By Keith Knutsson

Not everyone has the drive to become an entrepreneur; however, every individual possesses the capacity to try. With enough knowledge, experience, insight, and perspective, nearly anyone can achieve entrepreneurial success. The key defining factors in such achievement lie not only in the idea and action plan, but also in the very mindset of the aspiring business person. Explained below are several useful strategies for adopting the appropriate attitude.

Many individuals shy away from starting a new business or project out of hesitancy caused by fear. By taking control, these challenges are faced head-on, and the entrepreneur assumes responsibility for whatever happens, regardless of whether it is failure or success. Successful business people know how to handle roadblocks and don’t let minor failures get in the way of the big picture. Instead, these individuals see opportunity when others might admit defeat. They are motivated by tough decisions and don’t shy away from complicated or demanding situations. Above all, the entrepreneurial mind feeds on the drive to succeed, no matter what. With this kind of determination, sense of purpose and strong resolve, success becomes the only acceptable outcome.

About the Author:

An entrepreneur and business development expert, Keith Knutsson currently serves as a Managing Director for real estate investment firm Integrale Capital Partners. Knutsson has worked in American and European real estate markets for nearly 20 years and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with honors in Finance, Management, and Marketing from Columbia University, and an MBA with honors from INSEAD in Paris.


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