September 16, 2011

Keith Knutsson’s Affiliations with Companies and Organizations in Tampa, Florida, and Beyond

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As Managing Director of Florida-based Integrale Advisors, Keith Knutsson maintains close contact with the Tampa area’s real estate and investment community. He also claims affiliations and advisory roles with numerous companies and organizations. A graduate of Emory University, Mr. Knutsson earned his degree in Business Administration, and still boasts a close connection with the institution as member of Emory University’s Goizueta Business School Alumni Advisory Board. He is currently President of the International Pathways Foundation, which assists college graduates in traveling abroad. This foundational work ties into Mr. Knutsson’s international professional engagements, which have put him into contact with scholarship candidates who share a common commitment to achieving professional goals.

Keith Knutsson additionally sits on Advisory Board for Coast to Coast Real Estate, Inc., a Florida-licensed brokerage that undertakes transactions in commercial properties. His role involves advising on relationships and services offered by Coast to Coast Real Estate to a diverse community of international real estate investors. Mr. Knutsson is closely linked to the Tampa Bay community as a board member of the Inner City Fund. The nonprofit seeks to assist disabled military veterans and first-responders who have put their lives at risk in serving their country. In addition to financial and housing assistance, the organization seeks to prioritize their transport and evacuation in cases of disaster.

Mr. Knutsson serves as an adviser with another Tampa group, Aging Solutions, Inc. This innovative company coordinates care for the elderly through long-term management of required services. These include transportation, health care, legal and financial counseling, employment assistance, and education. Another aspect of Aging Solutions, Inc., is spreading public awareness of guardianship services, which are vital in ensuring that all people in need receive quality representation and advocacy. Keith Knutsson also sits on the Board of Tampa-based Ronald’s Burger Burger, Inc., a new casual eatery concept that has developed alliances with leading U.S. food manufacturers and distributors.


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